The Sounds of Skindergade

Velkommen til København!

… and Skindergade

I’ve been in Copenhagen for almost 9 days now and I already love it! It took a few days but this place is truly growing on me. Initially, I was shocked that I was actually in Copenhagen, Denmark… like WOAH.. who signed me up for this? Oh yeah, I did. The first few days took a bit of adjusting. First of all, you have to get over the jet lag. There were moments in the day where I thought I would never adjust to the time difference. I’d lie WIDE awake in bed at night thinking of home and the fact that I’m so far away. I’d toss and turn, then toss and turn… again… and again… until I finally fell asleep.

But, after a week here I’ve started to enjoy the sound of kids shouting outside my window until the break of dawn. I love the breeze that flows through my bedroom window as I lie in bed. I’m intrigued by the sounds I hear late at night; Boys clapping and singing “chase the vodka, drink the Jäger!” on the benches across the street, the sound of heels clicking on cobblestone, men whistling on their stroll home as the parties wind down and the new morning arrives, the clocks that literally ring every five minutes, and even the extremely loud garbage trucks that are heard for hours in the morning. And I know it sounds like the city is busting, but it’s not. Strangely enough, the streets are quiet. It’s not a loud roar, but it’s quiet enough to hear the drop of a dime late at night. How else would I be able to hear the guy whistling a block over?

Soon enough, I’ll be one of the kids out there on those benches singing, clapping, and dancing at all hours of the night! While being respectful of neighbors, of course… But, these streets are quickly becoming home as I venture out into the city and learn a new way back each day. Cheers to whatever awaits me!

Hej Hej, Amira

(bye-bye, Amira)

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