5 Things to Do in CPH

There are endless things to do in Copenhagen. During my first month here, I’ve gone on so many adventures! Copenhagen is finally beginning to feel like home. The streets, sounds, and smells are all becoming so familiar to me. So, as a new local, I thought I’d share with you 5 fun things I’ve done in Copenhagen.

1. GoBoats

fullsizeoutput_24c9Since my arrival in Copenhagen, EVERYONE (literally everyone) has reminded me that the weather will get worse. For some odd reason (climate change), Copenhagen is still much warmer than it usually is around this time of year… So, I’ve been rushing to do any and everything that is outdoors and fun in the sun. Luckily, my adventures made me fall in love with the city canals! Now I’m here to tell you to hop in a GoBoat and set sail.


Luckily, during my first weekend in Copenhagen, I went on a GoBoat tour with my fellow Public Health LLC residents. I had the chance to be the captain during our ride which was slightly challenging, but also thrilling. This was a lovely way to see more of Copenhagen without exhausting my feet or getting run over by a bicycle. If you get a chance, gather some friends, bring some snacks, and tour the canals on a hot and sunny day. 

2. Tivoli Gardens

TivoliLLCJust so we’re clear, this list is not ranked in any sort of order. I’m making this known because if it were, Tivoli would be number 1! After a few visits, it’s safe to say Tivoli is my favorite place to go in Copenhagen so far. Although I’ve never been to Disney parks, I have to say that Tivoli is better. (fun fact: Walt Disney visited Tivoli for inspiration)


I recommend visiting Tivoli Gardens at least once in your life. However, if you’re an amusement park lover (like me!) I’d recommend buying a Tivoli Pass. It will save you tons of money and is worth the investment! With my Tivoli Pass I’ve been to 3 of the summer concerts where Danish artists Christopher and MØ performed.


3. Nyhavn & Christiania

fullsizeoutput_2466When you google Copenhagen, I’m sure Nyhavn will be the first image to pop up. It is definitely one of the most picturesque Copenhagen spots! The water and buildings look gorgeous right before sunset. Also, Nyhavn is only a ten-minute walk away from city center and DIS buildings. Spend an evening by the canal and grab dinner or ice cream from Vaffelbageren (the marshmallow cream and jam is amazing!


Right across the bridge near Nyhavn you’ll find Christiania. Take some time to explore this crazy cool area and visit the ‘Freetown.’ Christiania has lots of beautiful artwork and houses. Also, if you’re an outdoors person, take a walk around the pond and explore the forest!

4. Sankt Peders Bageri

IMG_4229If you happen to be free on a Wednesday morning, stop by Saint Peter’s Bakery and grab an Ondagssnegle (Wednesday Snail). These cinnamon rolls are spectacular and freshly made in the morning! Head over bright and early to grab one for only 20 DKK.

5. Torvehallerne Glass Market

Last but not least, make sure to visit Torvehallerne or the Glass Market. This is a supermarket down the street from Nørreportstation (very close to DIS buildings). In the market you’ll find tons of stands selling fresh fish, meat, cheese, chocolate, spices, fresh juice, and much more. If you’re hungry, there are also lots of food stands for you to grab a bite to eat!


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