Curiosity in Copenhagen: Body Worlds

Today, I ventured off to Experimetarium, a science museum, located in Hellerup. Thankfully, my journey was short since it was only about 3 miles away from the city center! I decided to go to Experimentarium ONLY for their temporary Body Worlds exhibit. However, I ended up enjoying the museum too. If you have a chance to visit Experimentarium, make sure you ask for a student ticket! All you have to do is show your ID and the entry fee will be 115 DKK.

Visiting a Body Worlds exhibit has been on my bucket list for many years. Back in high school, I was quite intrigued by Gunther Von Hagen’s plastination technique. Oddly enough, I ended up writing an essay on my fascination with plastination when applying to college. Finally, today I was able to cross another item off my bucket list after I explored this extraordinary exhibit. As Lizzie McGuire would say, THIS is what dreams are made of!


For those of you who were thrown off by those chilling photos of human bodies, Body Worlds is a museum showcasing REAL, plastinated humans who have donated their bodies to science. This exhibit will make you think about both life and death as you walk through. As you explore the complexity of human anatomy, you will no doubt be reminded of what a wonderful gift life is. This was Gunther Von Hagen’s intention when creating these exhibits years ago. It is absolutely unlike any other exhibit you will ever see.


As I wandered through this exhibit, I was enamored. Body Worlds truly is a work of art! It was quite fascinating to see life continue even after death. The smallest details have been preserved, from painted fingernails to eyelashes. Overall, Body Worlds is an innovative way to teach and explain human anatomy through art. If you have the chance, visit one of these exhibits so you too can see how complex and captivating the human body truly is. By the time you leave, you will definitely rethink what it means to live and to be alive.

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